Dan Christie
I was a Professor of Psychology at Ohio State University from 1975 to 2006.  During my appointment at Ohio State I enjoyed teaching a wide variety of courses and supervising student research at the Marion campus.  I continue to write about peace, conflict, social justice, and the prevention of violence.  My curriculum vitae can be found to the left.
I have always been interested in developmental psychology, especially when my children were growing up.  In the early 1980s, I was studying children’s fears and at the top of their list was usually the threat of nuclear war.  At that time I decided to redirect my scholarship toward political psychology and what seemed to be the preeminent issue of the time, the prevention of nuclear war.  I was delighted to be among the founding members, and honored to serve as president, of Division 48 (Peace Psychology) of the American Psychological Association, a division that brings together scholars and activists who are passionate about research and practice aimed at the prevention of violence.
In 2001, I edited a volume on “peace psychology” with Richard V. Wagner and Deborah Winter.  We conceptualized peace broadly, to include not only the prevention of direct violence but also the mitigation of structural violence, an insidious kind of violence that also kills people but slowly through the deprivation of human need satisfaction.  After publishing the book, we found that many of our colleagues in developing parts of the world were very interested in teaching courses and proposing degree programs in peace psychology; however, the cost of books were often prohibitive.  We were able to have the copyright of our volume reverted to us in 2007, which made it possible for our colleagues in the USA and elsewhere to download the book at no cost here.  
A more recent treatment of the nature and scope of peace psychology that builds on the framework introduced in the book can be found in the Journal of Social Issues (2006) and American Psychologist (2008).  At present, I am Series Editor of the Peace Psychology Book Series for Springer SBM, which was launched in 2007.  There are twelve books in print or in progress for the series, covering topics such as global conflict resolution, nonviolence, forgiveness and reconciliation, peace psychology in Asia, cultures of peace, transitional justice systems, youth violence, and liberation psychology.